Albay Diaries: Giving Back

PHAL0118MNZ Jeshua Christian Canchela

Jeshua Canchela (PHAL0118MNZ), a fourth year college student has been part of the INPH program since he was 15 years old. Jeshua and his family is very bless and thankful that Jeshua was being part of the INPH program. They are also happy when the college allowance has been raised because it was a very big help for Jeshua’s school expenses. For now, Jeshua is soon to graduate in college at the end of this school year 2014-2015 taking up the course of Bachelor Science in Food Technology. He had been very busy in his studies and according to his mother, Jeshua with his classmate are making their thesis and soon to defend it. They are also invited in different seminars about their course but the most wonderful news is after his graduation, there’s already a job waiting for him through the endorsement of their school. According to Jeshua, he is thinking to help other children in INPH program when he already have a job so that he can return the help that the program gave to him and be able to bless other also.


Carigara Diaries: Seeking God’s perfect timing


John Lloyd Caǹamaque (PHCL0199MCZ) is now enrolled in first year college. He shared that entering college is not easy academically and financially. After he graduated in high school, there were thoughts that came into his mind, one of them is not to enroll college and better find a job so he could help his parents and siblings in their studies. Another one is that his parents cannot afford his tuition fees. But then he realized that it is better to pursue his studies so he can find a better job in the future

It was a great blessing for him for being an INCAP recipient. The college allowance is big help for him. He used it to pay for his tuition fees, and his really happy because his parents will not anymore borrow money in lending association that has a high interest.

God is really good as John Lloyd shared. “God is really on time”. As of now he is enjoying his studies and promise to study harder so he can get good grades. John Lloyd is an average type of student but is willing and able to go along with different challenges in tertiary level. However, he still needs a prayer so he can have enough strength and wisdom to go through whatever challenges he may face.

Juvilin Reyes

Area Coordinator

Sta. Rosa Diaries: An Hour with the International Partners

Sponsored children with the INCZ Director and Board Member
Sponsored children with the INCZ Director and Board Member

INCZ beneficiaries in Sta. Rosa and Magdalena area were very happy to meet INCZ Director Mr. Petr Horacek and INCZ Board Member Mr. Jarek Pleva. According to the 25 INCZ beneficiaries, it’s a great privilege to see them, talk to them and thank them personally for all the support they have given to them. During the meeting, each beneficiary introduced themselves and mentioned their sponsor’s name. Mr. Petr Horacek and Mr. Jarek Pleva spent almost an hour talking with the children and they have shared some information regarding Czech Republic culture. They appreciate the education system in the Philippines because English language has been part of the curriculum and they see some students learn English language at their early age. Mr. Horachek and Mr. Pleva encouraged the beneficiaries to study their lesson very well and finish their education .The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for all the support they have received.


Gloria Parakikay,

Area Coordinator

Mascap Diaries: Bringing someone closer to God

Just this year, I thank God for an answered prayer of one sponsor, Ms. Pauline Clapham of New Zealand. She is very consistent on encouraging her sponsored child on the word of God through her letter. Because of her, her sponsored child, Rozel Ann Catamora, was able to grow deeper into her faith. They became more involved in the church when they met another pastor. This Pastor handles the current government program on the poor. Eventually her mother is the parent leader of this program that’s why when the Pastor offered a Church service in their house, they cannot refuse it. As of now the church service is ongoing at their house. Actually she is now a song leader and Sunday school teacher of the church.

Knowing that her sponsor is always praying for her and her family, I was not surprised when they now serving the Lord. I proved that by consistent and fervent prayer, everything is possible. Glory to God.

Olandes Diaries: Brand New Shoes Brings Brand New Smile


“Sponsored children were grateful for the things they received from their sponsors through International Needs Philippines. Though they receive it every year, the feeling of wearing new pair of black shoes every new school term brings a brand new smile to the children’s faces and the confidence to go to school with complete uniform from head to toe. This somehow encourages them to strive harder in studies, knowing there’s someone on their back helping them all throughout by providing their needs in school, the untiring support of their sponsors and love from their family.”




Joji Marie Cristobas,

Area Coordinator

Mascap Diaries: Unexpected Blessings

Beneficiaries with additional allowance
Beneficiaries with additional allowance

“It is better to take the hardship of education than to taste the bitterness of ignorance.”-by Anonymous

Indeed, this saying is very true in our new nine college beneficiaries. They are all willing to take the hardship of continuing their tertiary education. Their step in college is like stepping into battle. Battle against the hindrance on their education which is poverty. Of course they chose to endure the four years challenges than to endure the lifetime result and disadvantages of not having to pursue their dreams.

Hanging out with the Coordinator
Hanging out with the Coordinator

Even though their parents are willing to send them in college, they are really unable to do so because of their financial difficulty. Most of them have irregular and very minimal income. It’s not even enough for student’s everyday fare and allowance.  That’s why when they learned about the Cappuccino Club scholarship program and INCZ program in college, they were very thankful. It lightens their burden on tuition fees and other expenses. It likes unloading to parents who always worries on how to get the provision.

As of now, there are four CZ beneficiaries who have an additional support from their sponsor. All of them are very happy and thankful when they have received the additional allowance. One of them is Thalia Marie Alegre. Aside from her family, her neighbors are also glad that she now returned in her schooling because they witness how the family is coping in their everyday needs.

We at INPH are thanking God for the generosity and kindness of all the sponsors/supporters and supply lines who now extend more blessings to share for our college beneficiaries. We know that as you bless others, the Lord will bless you more.

Thalia receiving her college allowance
Thalia receiving her college allowance


– Myra Grezhiel Arevalo

Area Coordinator

Balubad Diaries: Prayer and Preparation


It is important for each family to be the bulwark of protection for their children. The security they provide should stand at all times, especially during major disasters and crises. More than ever, Fathers must fulfill the role as the ‘pillar of the house’ and mothers, the ‘light of their homes’. With that purpose, INPH has launched its first leg of Disaster Preparedness Series at Balubad, Marikina in coordination with the Elim Dunedin Church.

Disaster Preparedness Seminar in Balubad
Disaster Preparedness Seminar in Balubad

Through interviews and benchmarking, it was found out that the it was the parents and guardians themselves who remain ignorant and unequipped when it comes on handling disasters. While the children are regularly exposed to earthquake and fire drills and disaster seminars at their schools, the closest experience families can get is their time on evacuation areas and post-disaster measures. The proactive ones are gravely neglected.

Sir Ronnie Lazana discussed the hazards involved in Balubad
Sir Ronnie Lazana discussed the hazards involved in Balubad

For the I.N Ready Disaster Preparedness Seminar: Alamin, Palaganapin, Gawin, we see this as an opportunity to instill a proactive attitude and positive mindset for the families. To inspire a spirit of preparedness, not to incite fear. To further drive the point, INPH has invited a resource speaker from the Marikina Disaster Risk Reduction Office, Sir Ronnie Lazana. He has 10 years of experience in Rescue and Rehabilitation.

One of the major topics discussed is the West Valley Fault bordering Marikina City. Although Balubad is far from the Fault Line, the perceived hazard of the community is the soft, satiurated soil where residential houses are constructed. It is very possible for Liquefaction to take place. Due to the rapid shaking, the soil may lose its stiffness and strength and it may lose its ability to support a building or a house.

Parents and guardians who attended the seminar expressed interest on how the family can brace for these disasters. For example, during earthquakes, they are enlightened of the fact that the intensity of the shaking will be felt by everyone, not just those who live close to the fault line. This makes them less lenient and more aware of their roles and capacity to protect their children.

Infographic of West Valley Fault. Courtesy of DOST-PAGASA and Panahon TV
Infographic of West Valley Fault. Courtesy of DOST-PAGASA and Panahon TV

Since the seminar is received well, INPH is planning to implement this project in other areas, especially in areas like Olandes and Sta. Rosa where the fault line lies close. Hopefully, God willing, the project will continue on August 2015.

In the face of impending disasters and calamities, it is important to ask the Lord for protection and refuge. Yet, God’s provision also comes in the form of learning and experience. If we can prepare for the worst now and apply everything we know, we are faithful that He will do the rest.

– Jannica Diaz

Communications Officer

Carigara Diaries: Eager to start the year

Hazel Cadiente (PHCL0293FNZ) is now in Grade 7. She has eight siblings and she is 7th child in the family. Her olderJuvsJune1 brother, Flaubert, finished his studies and is a scholar of the school during his college. He (Flaubert) is now reviewing for the teacher’s board exam on September 2015. Her older sisters Harlyn and Liezl are in college and a scholar also. Their oldest brother helps his father in supporting their daily needs.

Hazel’s parents feel so blessed and thankful that even in such a little way there are people who have been great blessings for them. For them, it is Hazel’s sponsor. Hazel is now in Grade 7, and Hazel must have a new uniform. Her uniforms are no longer the same with her last year’s set of uniform. Her mother was so happy when Hazel received a new set of school uniform: a skirt and a blouse as well as a new pair of shoe and new set of school supplies with one piece of umbrella and a bag from her sponsor through INPH. She had all her new things in school. Now, she doesn’t have any reason not to go to school because God had provided the things that she needs and she is ready to face another experience on her new level of learning.

– Juvilin Reyes

Area Coordinator

Pasay Diaries: Never Give Up!

Myca Salvatierra (PHPA0198FNZ) is one of the INCAP beneficiaries in Pasay since she was in second grade. According to her grandmother Remedios (57 years old),a street sweeper in their Barangay, she had raised Myca since birth. When her GloriaJuly1mother was 2 months pregnant, her father died in a vehicular accident. Myca’s mother abandoned her when she was one-year-old and raised another family. The grandmother is very thankful and proud because Myca became good and responsible person despite the many difficulties she had experienced in life. Poverty did not become a hindrance for Myca to achieve her dream. She continues her schooling despite of their socio-economic situation. They were thankful for the International Needs Child Assistance Program because it was really a big help to continue her schooling. She is thankful as well for her sponsor in New Zealand, Mr. Dawud Meeran for his continuous support until now that she is in college. Myca is now in her fourth year in one of the universities in Pasay, taking up Bachelor of Science in Operation Management and is hoping to graduate in March 2016. While studying, she also works as a service crew in one of the well-known fast food chains of the Philippines to provide small support for her grandmother and also to learn about the responsibilities of adulthood. Myca promised to her grandmother that she would help in sending her uncle and aunt to school who are much younger than her.


– Gloria Parakikay

Area Coordinator